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The Prayer Crusade for the Mass Media
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Prayer crusade for the media
The mass media is playing an ever more important role in our life.  The Church often warns us about various dangers for the contemporary person.  But on the other hand, the Church sees the mass media as an opportunity to preach the Gospel to a great number of people.  The web site Katolik.pl presents prayers for the media and asks that they be used.
The mass media has become an inseparable part of the modern world.  Its power, reach and influence are still growing.  Our life is determined by electronic media: television, radio, internet, movies.  Its value is difficult to exaggerate because of the amount of time we dedicate to it.  The media nowadays is a source of knowledge, development, and education, but also is a danger.  Taking into account this reality we have decided to bridge the gap which exists between the spiritual life of people who believe in God and the world of electronic mass media.  We begin the PRAYER CRUSADE FOR THE MASS MEDIA.
The evangelization activity of the Salvatorians has been present on the internet for six years.  The internet portal Katolik.pl began in 2000.  No apostolic work can exist, develop and bear good fruit without prayerful support.  We asked the Capuchin Poor Clare Sisters in Kraków for collaboration.  The sisters have taken spiritual care of the entire service and especially of its guests very willingly and zealously.  Today we are certain that the internet service developed thanks to their prayer.  And as our readers know, it is very useful to all of our users: those who believe, those who doubt, those who are searching.
Every kind of media evangelization, about which the Pope and Holy See have issued documents, would not be effective and would not bear good fruit without prayerful support.  We heard a lot about the great will of the faithful to engage in prayer for evangelization through the means of social communication, especially the internet. They encouraged us to initiate this prayer crusade for the mass media and its users.
We haven’t found prayers related to this subject.  Therefore we decided to compose, together with the Capuchin Poor Clare Sisters, special prayers for mass media users, especially internet users.  We wished to refer this prayers to the rosary by dividing them into five parts, each part referring to a different group of people:
Part I pertains to internet users (or users of another mass media).
Part II pertains to children, youth and those who are unaware of the dangers of the mass media.
Part III embraces all Catholic mass media initiatives and their authors.
Part IV is a prayer for the conversion of those who spread evil through the media.
Part V is a prayer for me personally.
Although all of the above prayers concern the internet, they were composed so as to embrace other mass media as well, such as the press, radio, television and movies.
The prayers were presented to the Most Reverend Franciszek Cardinal Macharski and received his Imprimatur on August 20, 2003.  One can use these prayers not only privately but also at public celebrations.
Now we encourage everyone to join our prayer crusade for the mass media, especially for internet users.  Each day or from time to time everyone may pray the rosary or part of it, intertwining these prayers according to ones possibilities.  Some prayers can be said before beginning work or entertainment at a computer.  There are a lot of possibilities.  We will be very grateful to prayer groups, parish groups, and youth groups who will use the prayers.
We propose the first Monday of every month as a special day of prayer for these intentions in order to make this initiative more than something one time or passing (such as the annual World Day of Social Communications).  On this day the priests working on our internet team celebrate a Holy Mass for the mass media, especially for those who visit Katolik.pl, remembering especially our financial and spiritual benefactors.
We hope that you will understand this initiative and be willing to join it, promoting it in your own surroundings.  We will be happy to hear your opinions and suggestions; please contact us at katolik@katolik.pl .
Katolik.pl Team
The Prayer Crusade for the Mass Media (text)
I.The Prayer for all people
Almighty God, You established dialog with humanity in a most excellent way, giving us Your beloved Son Jesus Christ.  We ask You to look favorably upon all nations, communities and persons who are communicating with the help of the media (computer, press, radio, television and movies).  Open the hearts of men and women of different races, religions and cultures.  May they serve the common good while using the benefits of technology, forming life in the world with peace and love.  We ask You to make their presence in mass media fruitful for education and work.  May their deeds draw them closer to You and bring glory to You.   Through Christ our Lord.  Amen
II.The prayer for those unaware of danger
God, our Father, You gift us with Your Love and surround us with Your fatherly goodness.  We entrust to You all those who are unaware of the danger of the undiscerning use of the media (computer, press, radio, television and movies).  Especially we entrust to You children and youth.  We ask You to send them Your Spirit and bestow on them the gift of wisdom.  May they fully engage in searching for what helps them in their human and spiritual development.  When they enter the influential world of information, enable them to choose what is true, safe and healthy for their souls.  May they be aware that the media (computer, press, radio, television, movies) is first of all a means for productive work and not only for entertainment.  May the world which opens for them in the media serve their development according to responsibility they have for themselves and for all of humanity.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
III. The prayer for Catholic works in the mass media
God, through Your Son, the Savior of World, You entrusted the Church with the mission of building Your Kingdom on earth and You sent disciples to proclaim the Gospel to all creation.  Fill with Your Spirit, power and wisdom all who witness Christ by serving in the mass media.  May the authors of Catholic internet websites (press, movies and radio/television/ computer programs) proclaim Jesus with courage and joy.  May their work help all people to know God’s love and His plan of salvation, which embraces every person.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
IV. The prayer for evildoers
Almighty God, every good comes from You and grows under your guidance.  In allowing humanity to progress in technology, You want the technology to be used to build solidarity in the life of nations.  Perceiving and accepting with gratitude Your various gifts, we entrust to You every person who does not care for unity but rather consciously or unconsciously contributes to spreading evil, lies, hatred and sin through the media (computer programs, press, radio, television, movie).  We recommend to You those who commit crimes and immoral deeds.  May they open their hearts to Your grace and abstain from the way of sin, understanding that their life and deeds should bring You glory.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
V. The prayer for myself
God, our Father, I entrust myself to You.  Help me while I use the media (computer, press, radio, television and movies) to choose only what leads me to know You, the world which surrounds me and myself.  May the information I use serve my intellectual and spiritual development and enable me to be a whole person and a Christian.  May the Guardian Angel whom You have given me to be my protector and guide keep me and lead me and help me to avoid danger and evil, which I can encounter while using the media (computer, press, radio, television or any audio-visual means).  May my Guardian Angel help me not waste my time and talents but rather use them for good.  Defend me against selfishness and loosing a sense of reality.  Inspire in me the desire and ability to share joyfully the grace which I experience in myself with others.  I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
IMPRIMATUR  + Kazimierz Nycz Vicar General
Kraków, August 20  2003 No. 2722/2003
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